Newsblog 27/03 – CALM benefit gig, NFL Draft, and lots of wrestling

Hi! I’m doing enough things to necessitate a proper update, so here is that!


Spoken word

I’m performing on a mixed bill charity gig in aid of the Campaign Against Living Miserably this Thursday at the Exchange in Leicester. I have no idea about the majority of the night, but I do know it will also feature Douglas Deans and a raffle. What more could you want?!


NFL Draft on ByTheMin

With the NFL Draft (“America’s one concession to communism” – Charles Wheeler, 2017) fast approaching, myself and Jody Jamieson are kicking into high gear with our coverage for ByTheMinute. We have plans for audio and written pieces previewing it, taking the piss out of it, and covering it live. Keep an eye on my Twitter for updates, including actual things that you can read or listen to rather than just unproven promises.


I am refereeing a bunch of wrestling soon please come

The wonderful Legacy Wrestling is back! Kick off your Wrestlemania Sunday good and proper by checking out one of British wrestling’s best-kept secrets at the Benn Hall in Rugby. It’s an afternoon show, so you’ll have plenty of time for warm-up beers before Mania itself.

My beloved regular gig AMP Wrestling has their next show on 21st April at the Alan Higgs Centre in Coventry, featuring Jack Starz finally getting his title shot against Grimm to cap off a rivalry that’s built to boiling point for about a year now. It’ll be good. Jack hits people so hard I’m scared to be near it. See me cower against the ropes while that goes down. That alone worth the price of a ticket.

Lastly, see the graps collide with the world of arts and academia with a FREE SHOW by Wrestling Resurgence on 11th May! It’s my first hometown ref gig for ages, and it’s ideal if you want to check out a wrestling show for the first time to see if it’s your bag. Elite-level talent from around the country including Flash Morgan Webster, Roy “Bodyguy” Johnson, Millie McKenzie and loads more. They also have an exhibition on the history of British wrestling from 13th April to 27th May, and a talk with the leading wrestling academics (they exist! And they’re good, with interesting things to say!) on 26th April.


NEXT TIME: links to actual things I’ve made and hopefully a super exciting update about videogame stuff!

Newsblog 24/11 – the haven’t-updated-since-June-oops edition

Hahaha yes I am one of those people now


Hi, anyway. I have been up to things, and am about to be up to things, and here are those things:



On 30th November, NHS England are gonna announce their decision on whether or not to close Glenfield Childrens’ Heart Unit, an incredibly highly-performing and geographically vital centre, under threat for extremely spurious reasons that are an utterly transparent front for easy financial savings. Myself, Leicester Socialist Party and the other tireless Glenfield campaigners are going to be holding an event of some kind – if it’s the right decision, we’re gonna have a very public and very noisy celebration. If it’s the wrong one, the fightback starts immediately, cos it ain’t over as long as we have people and voices. Get down and back us up if you can. *raised fist emoji*



Myself and my friend, McElroy obsession enabler and webmaster Dan Wallbank have for a little while now been putting together a Youtube gaming channel! The main series, where we make each other play classics or personal favourites that one of us loves but the other hasn’t played (fun!), is currently called Dan and Charles What is Wrong With You, but is soon to be renamed because people were put off by the idea of two dudes gatekeeping videogames. I didn’t expect or intend the name to suggest that at all, and the show features precisely zero of it, so fuck that, we’ll change it to something better. A sincere thanks to the kind and good people who provided that feedback.

Anyway, IT’S NOT GATEKEEPING TRASH so please check it out! We think it’s actually quite fun and nice! Here’s part 1 of Dan’s first ever go at Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, where we made an excellent tiny skate boy called Ffanci Wyyyyyyde. He’s beautiful and we love him like proud parents.



I have written some and will probably be doing another House of Verse in the new year???? Lol professionalism

See ya

News 24/6 – #JusticeForGrenfell fundraiser and some demos

Are you angry? Good. Let’s do something about it.

The victims of the Grenfell fire, both dead and living, have been utterly let down by our system. Fire service cuts, housing deregulation and the politics that put people into poverty in the first place have conspired to leave those who were lucky enough to survive in a variety of horrific positions. The only way to make this properly right is to end capitalism and build a new system, but in the short term these people need the means to survive. We can help them do that.

To that end, I’m performing at a fundraiser for the victims of the fire at the Exchange in Leicester this coming Thursday. Please come down and give something if you can.

A few other things coming up this week, some of which I’m hoping to get to:

  • Lobby in support of Glenfield Children’s Heart Unit before Tuesday’s Scrutiny Meeting being attended by some key NHS England decision-makers. Important moment in the #SaveGlenfield campaign. Awkward time for 9-to-5ers probably deliberate. Yes, I am cynical!
  • National demo against our shambolic, bigot-appeasing Tory non-government in London on Saturday. They’re in tatters with no mandate and rapidly dropping support. We need a big show of strength in opposition to them, and a big show of solidarity with those they’ve hurt and will continue to hurt. This is that.
  • My brilliant friend Hannah Torrance’s play She is on at the Y Theatre on Saturday evening. I worked with her on a very early draft of this play. My contributions were minimal and terrible, while hers brought every idea we (mainly she) had to life. I’m entirely sure it’ll be great.

If you can, get along to something and make a difference this week. Protest something bad. Support something good. Take a step towards the world you want.

Love to all x


News 30/05 – new HoV blog and other bits

Hi! How are you? Are you well? Comment and tell me if you’re well. That’d be nice. Then I’d know if you were well, and have some comment stats.

So! Stuff! My new blog for House of Verse is up. It’s a sort of basic overview about leftist politics and self-representation in art, which I hope will leave you feeling hopeful and wanting to come along to some stuff. If it does, please do both of those things! Hope, and come to stuff. It’s a good combination.

Some things you can come to would be June, September and October’s Find the Right Words, the latter of which will feature me taking on the challenge of the Speed Poet slot. It’s a brilliant gimmick where a poet is given three or four topic prompts by the audience at the start of the evening, then has the first half to write a poem featuring all of them, which they then perform to kick off the second half. Normally, they really struggle to get someone to agree to it, so I’d been building up my gumption for months before volunteering… only for relative spoken word newcomer Dan Wallbank to completely shame me by stepping up for June, which will be only his 3rd outing at FTRW. I asked if I could do July, before being reminded that Upstairs at the Western is closed over summer and that September was also already taken. Thus, I’ll have to hold my nerve all the way to October. Come along in June, where I’ll be giving Dan difficult prompts about obscure Japanese wrestling championships or something.

Moving away from poetry but not from Dan, he and I are in the midst of utterly, finally decimating his resolution to not take on any long-term projects in 2017. I won’t drop too many details til we’ve got things together a little more, but you can already get involved! So if you can think of a person from history, recent or distant, who suffered especially cruel and horrible luck, please email me with some details, and if I’m allowed by then, I’ll let you know a bit about what you’ve just contributed to (and make sure you get a credit on the final thing, natch).

Moving away from Dan very firmly by talking about sport, I’m delighted to confirm I’ll be part of ByTheMinute‘s team covering the British & Irish Lions tour! Although sadly not live from New Zealand unless I develop superhuman powers of persuasion very quickly. Anyway, it’ll be fun! If you’re not out there/near a TV when the games are on, or just want some tasty word seasoning to your Lions experience, myself, Rob Sutton and others will be happy to oblige.

That’s it! Please be nice to each other until I have more stuff to talk about. See you around at stuff.


Okay, we’re up and running here – after a bit of a hiccup involving Leicester-based houses with Virgin Media internet, should be accessible from every single computer not firewalled by an oppressive regime (and some that are!).

So, to celebrate, a bit of news! I’ve just been confirmed for House of Verse‘s show on 15th July at 2funky Music Café. HoV is always a lovely gig, with lineups so diverse I always come away with like three new favourite things every time. Come hang out!

I’m also gonna be at my regular haunt Find the Right Words on Wednesday, but as a humble open-mic-er (if I can get a slot – they go fast!). It’s highly recommended – I’m not familiar with either headliner, but that’s almost always the case and they’re always great. I first saw and met Buddy Wakefield and Paula Varjack at FTRW having never heard of them before, and now they’re among the most influential artists in my life. The open mic slots are always full of undiscovered gold too.

Planning for our BadArt protest showcase continues quietly – it’s taken a back seat due to me and the other organisers being busy with General Election campaigning, but we’re hoping to have a date confirmed soon (I’m reasonably confident saying it’ll be a Sunday in mid-September). We’re fleshing out the lineup too, and holy heck is this gonna be a good show. We’ve got some incredible talent on board with some really exciting plans. It’s gonna be brave, loud and radical. Get your solidarity fists warmed up over the summer, you’re gonna need them!

Speaking of the election, our Socialist Party branch is organising a bunch of stuff to build and spread the case for a better world before 8th June. We’ve got a public meeting on 27th May at Secular Hall to discuss Jeremy Corbyn’s chances of winning on a socialist, anti-austerity platform, featuring the National Shop Stewards Network‘s Rob Williams as speaker, but open to the contributions of everyone. Whatever party you’re part of, whether you’re a Corbynista or still yet to be convinced, please come along and we’ll talk it through together. That, after all, is how democracy works.

Right. That’s more things than I meant to talk about. Turns out loads of good stuff happens. Cool! See you at some of these things, I hope!


I have this website now!


Yes! I have a website! Cool! This is basically a test post so I can make sure the news feed is working like I want it to. I would tell you to ignore it, but that didn’t work on Reddit that time so instead I’m going to tell you to pay complete and undivided attention to every word, and apply its message to all aspects of your day-to-day live with rigorous okay you should have stopped reading by now cool