Newsblog 27/03 – CALM benefit gig, NFL Draft, and lots of wrestling

Hi! I’m doing enough things to necessitate a proper update, so here is that!


Spoken word

I’m performing on a mixed bill charity gig in aid of the Campaign Against Living Miserably this Thursday at the Exchange in Leicester. I have no idea about the majority of the night, but I do know it will also feature Douglas Deans and a raffle. What more could you want?!


NFL Draft on ByTheMin

With the NFL Draft (“America’s one concession to communism” – Charles Wheeler, 2017) fast approaching, myself and Jody Jamieson are kicking into high gear with our coverage for ByTheMinute. We have plans for audio and written pieces previewing it, taking the piss out of it, and covering it live. Keep an eye on my Twitter for updates, including actual things that you can read or listen to rather than just unproven promises.


I am refereeing a bunch of wrestling soon please come

The wonderful Legacy Wrestling is back! Kick off your Wrestlemania Sunday good and proper by checking out one of British wrestling’s best-kept secrets at the Benn Hall in Rugby. It’s an afternoon show, so you’ll have plenty of time for warm-up beers before Mania itself.

My beloved regular gig AMP Wrestling has their next show on 21st April at the Alan Higgs Centre in Coventry, featuring Jack Starz finally getting his title shot against Grimm to cap off a rivalry that’s built to boiling point for about a year now. It’ll be good. Jack hits people so hard I’m scared to be near it. See me cower against the ropes while that goes down. That alone worth the price of a ticket.

Lastly, see the graps collide with the world of arts and academia with a FREE SHOW by Wrestling Resurgence on 11th May! It’s my first hometown ref gig for ages, and it’s ideal if you want to check out a wrestling show for the first time to see if it’s your bag. Elite-level talent from around the country including Flash Morgan Webster, Roy “Bodyguy” Johnson, Millie McKenzie and loads more. They also have an exhibition on the history of British wrestling from 13th April to 27th May, and a talk with the leading wrestling academics (they exist! And they’re good, with interesting things to say!) on 26th April.


NEXT TIME: links to actual things I’ve made and hopefully a super exciting update about videogame stuff!

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