I do a bunch of other stuff that isn’t spoken word! Here is some of it:

I’m a Features Editor and frequent video co-host for Autosave, a gaming website with fun stuff, serious stuff, and most importantly none of the nasty toxic stuff that seems to come packaged with gaming culture nowdays. It’s gaming for nice people. It’s Seriously Casual. Videogames. VIDEOGAMES.

I referee professional wrestling, mostly for AMP WrestlingLegacy Wrestling, and Wrestling Resurgence. Professional wrestling is a beautiful art form that spans a spectrum from light family entertainment to deeply involved large-scale storytelling. I encourage you to check out whatever wrestling you can find, because I’m convinced there’s some graps out there for everyone.

I wrote for deceased free Leicester culture magazine Great Central, covering a whole range of my city’s wonderful and ridiculously diverse cultural scene. You can check out my past articles here until the website is taken down. Hopefully one day someone will make something else to take up the worthwhile job of uniting and promoting the wonderful things going on in Leicester.

I cover rugby union and NFL for ByTheMinute, the sports (and more) Twitter commentary service that lets its writers have a personality. Critical acclaim for my coverage has included the assertion that it “pissed all over the Guardian’s”, which is nice.