Newsblog 24/11 – the haven’t-updated-since-June-oops edition

Hahaha yes I am one of those people now


Hi, anyway. I have been up to things, and am about to be up to things, and here are those things:



On 30th November, NHS England are gonna announce their decision on whether or not to close Glenfield Childrens’ Heart Unit, an incredibly highly-performing and geographically vital centre, under threat for extremely spurious reasons that are an utterly transparent front for easy financial savings. Myself, Leicester Socialist Party and the other tireless Glenfield campaigners are going to be holding an event of some kind – if it’s the right decision, we’re gonna have a very public and very noisy celebration. If it’s the wrong one, the fightback starts immediately, cos it ain’t over as long as we have people and voices. Get down and back us up if you can. *raised fist emoji*



Myself and my friend, McElroy obsession enabler and webmaster Dan Wallbank have for a little while now been putting together a Youtube gaming channel! The main series, where we make each other play classics or personal favourites that one of us loves but the other hasn’t played (fun!), is currently called Dan and Charles What is Wrong With You, but is soon to be renamed because people were put off by the idea of two dudes gatekeeping videogames. I didn’t expect or intend the name to suggest that at all, and the show features precisely zero of it, so fuck that, we’ll change it to something better. A sincere thanks to the kind and good people who provided that feedback.

Anyway, IT’S NOT GATEKEEPING TRASH so please check it out! We think it’s actually quite fun and nice! Here’s part 1 of Dan’s first ever go at Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, where we made an excellent tiny skate boy called Ffanci Wyyyyyyde. He’s beautiful and we love him like proud parents.



I have written some and will probably be doing another House of Verse in the new year???? Lol professionalism

See ya

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