News 24/6 – #JusticeForGrenfell fundraiser and some demos

Are you angry? Good. Let’s do something about it.

The victims of the Grenfell fire, both dead and living, have been utterly let down by our system. Fire service cuts, housing deregulation and the politics that put people into poverty in the first place have conspired to leave those who were lucky enough to survive in a variety of horrific positions. The only way to make this properly right is to end capitalism and build a new system, but in the short term these people need the means to survive. We can help them do that.

To that end, I’m performing at a fundraiser for the victims of the fire at the Exchange in Leicester this coming Thursday. Please come down and give something if you can.

A few other things coming up this week, some of which I’m hoping to get to:

  • Lobby in support of Glenfield Children’s Heart Unit before Tuesday’s Scrutiny Meeting being attended by some key NHS England decision-makers. Important moment in the #SaveGlenfield campaign. Awkward time for 9-to-5ers probably deliberate. Yes, I am cynical!
  • National demo against our shambolic, bigot-appeasing Tory non-government in London on Saturday. They’re in tatters with no mandate and rapidly dropping support. We need a big show of strength in opposition to them, and a big show of solidarity with those they’ve hurt and will continue to hurt. This is that.
  • My brilliant friend Hannah Torrance’s play She is on at the Y Theatre on Saturday evening. I worked with her on a very early draft of this play. My contributions were minimal and terrible, while hers brought every idea we (mainly she) had to life. I’m entirely sure it’ll be great.

If you can, get along to something and make a difference this week. Protest something bad. Support something good. Take a step towards the world you want.

Love to all x


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