Okay, we’re up and running here – after a bit of a hiccup involving Leicester-based houses with Virgin Media internet, should be accessible from every single computer not firewalled by an oppressive regime (and some that are!).

So, to celebrate, a bit of news! I’ve just been confirmed for House of Verse‘s show on 15th July at 2funky Music Café. HoV is always a lovely gig, with lineups so diverse I always come away with like three new favourite things every time. Come hang out!

I’m also gonna be at my regular haunt Find the Right Words on Wednesday, but as a humble open-mic-er (if I can get a slot – they go fast!). It’s highly recommended – I’m not familiar with either headliner, but that’s almost always the case and they’re always great. I first saw and met Buddy Wakefield and Paula Varjack at FTRW having never heard of them before, and now they’re among the most influential artists in my life. The open mic slots are always full of undiscovered gold too.

Planning for our BadArt protest showcase continues quietly – it’s taken a back seat due to me and the other organisers being busy with General Election campaigning, but we’re hoping to have a date confirmed soon (I’m reasonably confident saying it’ll be a Sunday in mid-September). We’re fleshing out the lineup too, and holy heck is this gonna be a good show. We’ve got some incredible talent on board with some really exciting plans. It’s gonna be brave, loud and radical. Get your solidarity fists warmed up over the summer, you’re gonna need them!

Speaking of the election, our Socialist Party branch is organising a bunch of stuff to build and spread the case for a better world before 8th June. We’ve got a public meeting on 27th May at Secular Hall to discuss Jeremy Corbyn’s chances of winning on a socialist, anti-austerity platform, featuring the National Shop Stewards Network‘s Rob Williams as speaker, but open to the contributions of everyone. Whatever party you’re part of, whether you’re a Corbynista or still yet to be convinced, please come along and we’ll talk it through together. That, after all, is how democracy works.

Right. That’s more things than I meant to talk about. Turns out loads of good stuff happens. Cool! See you at some of these things, I hope!


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