Newsblog 11/06/19 – Small Talk for Hands is out now!

Despite the whims of The Neurotypicals™, I continue to exist as a person! Take that! Here is further detail:

Small Talk for Hands out now!

My NaPoWriMo x Autism Awareness Month zine, Small Talk for Hands, is available for purchase right now on! 30 poems, lots of feelings, £5. Those who’ve grabbed copies already have loved it, and I’m so grateful for that. These were very raw emotions from a very difficult month, but to hear that people have found something in them, be it art they enjoyed or solidarity with the sad times, is unbelievably heartening. I’d love more of that. Working on ways to distribute physical copies, but for now you can get the shiny PDF at the link above (or a physical copy if you see me in person, because I will be carrying them everywhere, caring for them like a newborn child, obviously).

The gig went well, thanks!

My show with Rosa Fernandez at Upstairs at the Western was tons of fun with a lovely audience. It was also recorded! Watch this space to see if I get around to doing anything with that. It was lovely to have such a long set to work with, and I desperately want to do more gigs like it. As well as more gigs generally. Book me for your poetry night thx <3

More news soon!


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