Newsblog 23/05/2019 – Activity!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! I’m here! Things are happening! Here is what those are:

I completed NaPoWriMo and made a zine!

April was all of: NaPoWriMo, Autism Awareness Month, and the month I finally got a formal mental health diagnosis and treatment. All of this is documented in Small Talk for Hands, a zine of all 30 poems I wrote in April. It will be available in PDF form VERY SOON on my page (I’ll post again when it’s up), and I’ll also shortly have physical copies to sell at poetry events. INCLUDING…

I have a gig coming up!

I’m co-headlining a show with the wonderful Rosa Fernzndez, on 5th June at Upstairs at the Western. I have a 40-minute(!) set, which will be a lot of new stuff, a bit of old stuff, and potentially a tiny bit of making my parents cry. We’ll see. Tickets start from just £6, and the venue does a door split for the artists’ fee, so if you want to contribute to me making this something approaching a livelihood, this is a very good way to do that! As is buying the zine! Which you should also do!

I’m going on holiday!

And I get to see one of my best friends in the whole world while I’m there. I wasn’t even going to mention this, but I’m just so goddamn happy about it.

More things will be happening soon, and I might actually keep you posted for a change.

Charles x

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