NEWSBLOG 08/10/2019 – Live Upstairs out now on Bandcamp!

Hello! I’m:

  • still depressed! Med dosage is up and I’m cloudy as heck and convinced everyone at work hates me, yeehaw
  • still behind on wrestling! I caught up briefly, then executive dysfunction took me on a walk around nowhere for a month and now I have like seven shows to watch, yeehaw
  • here to plug something a week late, like usual! Great job turning this into an even partially viable partial career! Yeehaw!

My very good friend Jack David recorded my show from June at Upstairs at the Western, and through the miracle of Bandcamp, it is now transformed into Live Upstairs, my very first audio release! Check it outtttttt:

Physical copies exist, currently individually-numbered with hand-written covers. Proper covers coming soon! Along with other merch! Because selling my labour seems less likely to sustain me with every passing day! Yeehaw!!!

(I’m fine)

Charles x

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