Newsblog 29/04 – I did charity stuff and now I’m supporting Elvis

Hi! Here’s stuff:

On Wednesday I’ll be supporting the wonderful Elvis McGonnagal at Upstairs at the Western’s superb monthly spoken word evening, the long-form cousin of my usual open mic haunt Find the Right Words. It’ll be the longest set I’ve ever done and I look forward to massively misjudging my poem:stage banter ratio. There’s a Facebook event here and you can grab tickets here. Elvis is brilliant and you’ll get a full hour of him, and the night is well worthy of your support.

I was delighted to be part of the #kashforkate benefit gig at the Shed on Thursday, which raised money for a friend of a friend of mine who needs money for live-extending treatment of her terminal illness so she can have some time to raise her 4-month-old daughter. It was the best performance I’ve ever given on the Shed stage, beating the time I played drums for a friend’s terrible band when I was 15. I had not played drums before, and I am glad I was able to do something much more worthwhile on that same stage. All the best to Kate and her family.

Outside of spoken word stuff, I’ve covered 2 days of the NFL Draft til the wee hours of the morning, been to the launch meeting of the hugely exciting Save Our NHS Leicestershire campaign, and continued to be terrible at Fortnite. I am tired. This good music has helped. Life is busy and that’s good.

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