Newsblog 06/01 – Autosave is here!

It’s a good day! It’s too humid and I forgot to bring lunch to work but it’s a good day! Why’s it a good day? Because it’s Autosave launch day!

Autosave is a new gaming website made by me and some pals, which will shortly be filled with tons of articles and videos, fun and serious, the first of which should be live right now if I’ve scheduled this post correctly. We’re syndicating my Pickymon saga, the challenge where I, among others, attempted a Pokemon Red run with only six Pokemon, and for which I ended up churning out an absurd number of words. It’s still one of my favourite things I’ve ever written.

We’ve also got some excellent serious pieces about gaming and racism, gaming and anxiety, gaming and nostalgia and loads else. Funny bits about the spiritually awful ET game. Videos where me and Jack try to play as many simulator games as possible. Videos where people play games they’ve never played before and goof about it. Content. LOTS OF CONTENT.

It’s been a long time coming for us – six months’ plus of work and planning, all told – but it’s finally here and we’re super proud of it.

Elsewhere in my unreasonably busy life, I’m refereeing a couple of cracking shows this month, including sharing a ring with Doug Williams, the elder statesman of British wrestling currently on an extended farewell tour. I will be Having Emotions about it. Check the sidebar for dates etc. ->

I hope you’re well! Are you well? Let’s catch up in the comments unless you’re spamming websites I can’t adequately describe without attracting more spam.

Charles x

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