The Waking Burns and Ghost of the Hob are now live!

Hi! I have new zines, which is so exciting that it’s propelled me through the wall of executive function I’ve been experiencing towards updating a website all year!

First up is The Waking Burns, a collection of my poems from 2014-2019, including my earliest performed pieces (Post-Script was the very first! If you’re interested!), favourites from my live sets, and new unseen stuff. It’s been a long time in the making and I’m very proud of it!

“Charles’ work is important, thoughtful and well crafted. As powerful on the page as it is on stage” – BBC Edinburgh Fringe Slam Champion Jess Green

Also out right now is Ghost of the Hob, a collection of newer poems from 2019-2020! The photos are supposed to be like that, don’t worry, your computer and/or phone is fine. It’s been a slightly less long time in the making and I’m very proud of it!

“This collection deftly captures the performer in every loner, the joy in the difficulty of existence and articulates an entire complex world of self in both on and offline personas. The speaker and the poems are brave – I’ve always enjoyed how honest Charles’ writing is (and how his titles are always attempting to steal the limelight).” – Saboteur Award Winner Emily Harrison

You can get both of these zines as a bundle for ten American dollars or however many pounds or other currency that is! Thank you, stay safe and take care of each other because your government won’t, revel in art because it’s one of the only things we truly have.

Charles x

NEWSBLOG 10/2/2020 – writing, speaking and surviving

Photo: Dave Morris

Whoops I didn’t post since before the election. I still exist! Do not worry!

Not only do I exist, I’ve been productive. Having seen a wonderful Labour arts manifesto go up in smoke, I resolved that as spoken word opportunities definitely weren’t going to fall in my lap, I had to make them happen for myself. I drew up a list of 20 goals for 2020 and got to work.

And, uh, then a bunch of opportunities fell into my lap.

Firstly, the eagle-eyed among you will note a few things in the gigs column over on the right. The details are being ironed out, but all those things should be happening and will be fleshed out a little more soon. I’m particularly thrilled about getting to perform with fellow autistic creatives – creating a platform for my own actualisation has been a long struggle, and to have comrades alongside me on it means the absolute world to me.

Secondly, on the subject of that long struggle, I recently had the opportunity to blog for Autism Health & Wellbeing on how spoken word performance illuminated self-validation and recovery. It was wonderful to write and even more wonderful to share. A huge thanks must go to Flo Neville at AutismHWB for the opportunity and assistance. Happily, this wasn’t my only opportunity to set down some thoughts on this subject – I hope to have another contribution to something similar in the public sphere very soon. Watch this space etc etc.

So yeah! Maybe I didn’t need a list after all! Just kidding of course I did, I have to force myself to do absolutely anything other than occasionally spill words into my notes app. But it’s going well! I’d ticked off 2 goals of the 20 within a couple of weeks of January, and I’m well on the way to several more. That includes the gigs over in the sidebar, some new written material, and a bunch of other ideas that may either revolutionise the medium of spoken word, or just use up a bunch of my evenings with me goofing around being myself. Either’s good with me. Both mean life, and life is good.

C x